Janette Cochrane

Janette during the Advanced LUXOR Light Healing Workshop

Janette Cochrane

Janette, what an amazing lady!  Janette joined LUXOR Light after attending a meditation evening with a friend, and then coming along to the LUXOR Light Intensive Ascension program in Luxor, Egypt in 2009.  Since then Janette has been a regular at our meditation evenings and often repeating the LUXOR Light acceleration program that awakens the kundalini on the pathway of ascension recognising the benefits of the continued access to the higher frequencies of LUXOR Light.   She also attended the LUXOR Light Wesak 555 ascension program in Bali in May 2012.
Janette has a natural ability to connect with those that are magnetised to her bubbly personality and drawn to ask for guidance.

A qualified LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner, Janette also holds many years of experience not only in complementary therapies; she has been and still is a Registered General/Psychiatric nurse and Midwife, giving her a multitude of skills that enable her to tune into what assistance is needed during a healing session.

Some of Janette's experience comes from working with Reiki, Experiential Astrology, Access Consciousness BARS and Access Body Processes. Janette intuitively uses drums, crystal and Tibetan bowls along with other sound instruments, not to mention her awakening to Sacred Sound through Ametron Truth work, which is an advanced level of LUXOR Light  and Janette's intuitive self will help bring forward what is required for her Client.  Because Janette holds the LUXOR Light Frequency within her being, this makes the work so much more powerful.

Janette Cochrane smiling in her garden
Janette is very in touch with nature.  If you have the spirit of the wild and thirst to be immersed into your true nature have a chat with her and Janette will have you excited and enthusiastic to seek and find your own "Elemental Nature". 

A healing session with Janette will have you eager for more as she nudges you to look deeper to find  the real you!

Janette is currently undertaking the Teacher Initiation Program so stay tuned for more on Janette!

You can find Janette in Heathridge, Perth, Western Australia and you can contact her by 

Phone:  0420 863 996 or 

Email:  ant.net@yahoo.com.au


  1. Thank you for sending the distant healing report onto me. Has taken me this long to have time and energy to read it. I thank you for the reading and will work at being more in the me space that I need to be. Thank you Janette for this very in depth reading. I have butterfly's going off in my tummy as I write this. Will find the 3 meaning and work with this.
    Must love to you

  2. Thank you for my healing session. It was wonderful to be able to have a LUXOR Light session. Much gratitude Janette you were very good at picking up on things that are going on with me at the moment. Your insight was spot on. Thanks for your detailed session report. Much appreciated. You picked up a lot of what is going on and helped to confirm some of my areas I need to continue to work on. Yes I have a situation with my shoulders and one of my elbows, although I am having treatment. I have, been doing much self healing with my hands on my body, Janette spot on with the area. Yes Janette I do have a strong connection to Spirit and I am connected and drawn to the Angelic being .He is always with me .I do have situations going on in others areas of my body you mentioned and It was great to hear that Spirit friends are with me in this healing situation.
    Thank you
    Perth, Western Australia.

  3. Dear Janette
    Many thanks for the rejuvenating hands on session last week. I arrived feeling physically ,mentally and emotionally drained and your bright warm welcome was like a breath of air. It was so relaxing just lying there in the sacred, loving ,nourishing space you created around the comfortable table equipped with swaddling clothes/blankets!. The releasing and clearing of unwanted energy was a tremendous relief and has certainly equipped me with clearer insight. Your ability to have a specific revelations and directly conveying what needs to be communicated is greatly appreciated. I came away feeling lighter in step ,thought and mood.
    With greatest gratitude and blessings to you