ChristinA Ritchie

ChristinA Ritchie inside the World's Oldest Olive Tree in Crete
It was ChristinA's 44th birthday and she was blanketed into a deep trance like state where she lost all consciousness followed by a deep sleep that lasted more than 12 hours.  She awoke the following morning on the 4th March 2004 still without full function of the body and as the energy began to lift she was thrown in a full body spasming fit-like state.  This continued for another 5 hours.  Her aura glowed violet and green and any hint of crystal energy around her sent her catapulting back into the same energetic reaction. 

It was ChristinA's "Awakening" and the birthing of a Dynamic and Powerful Healing Frequency returning to Earth through the Earthly Channel to become known as LUXOR Light.

For many years ChristinA had been experiencing a form of movement in the body during meditation, but not having studied yogic practices was unaware of what it meant. She used the experience to learn about her energy bodies and how to measure frequencies that were clearly accelerating through the process.  In the process of dedicated "Self" study and sharing her energy with a small group of willing participants ChristinA was able to watch how the energy she was activating was being transferred to others. 

The advanced stages of Kundalini transformation is a purifying action taking charge of the whole body.  In ChristinA's case she clears for others through her own Being, able to shift blockages through even large groups of people through her own ability to process through her own kundalini channel. 

Through surrendering use of her mind and body to the higher-self, she utilises the energy to bring beautiful transformative healing through her Self to others and has discovered the way to transfer this ability in what has become the Ascension program known as LUXOR Light.

The loss of consciousness was not something new to ChristinA as deep sleep-like states had been a regular thing developing gradually from her early 20's and began to come more often to her when she embarked upon her journey working with the frequencies of Light and Colour.  It was normal for her and not something she assumed was anything "out of the norm".  ChristinA has been known to go into deep states losing consciousness for up to 12 hours at a time, during which she reports moving from being fully aware of everything around her to seemingly being in another area of the world or reality at the same time to having no recollection of time or space at all until the slow process of return to earthly function and the body struggling to operate for some hours or even days afterwards.  Her natural explanation was that she was always "tired" and drawn into a deep sleep, but sleep did not fit the description of her experience until she learned what it was she was doing.  Someone once threw water over her in panic thinking she was dead because she had been gone for most part of the day and seemed not to be breathing.  They shook her, screamed at her, pinched her, massaged her feet and all the while she could hear them but she could not respond to them and her physical body did not respond to them.  Eventually she knew she had to command herself back because she was fully aware of their panic.  Now with the understanding of what state she enters she utilises this process for healing others.

The energy or frequency known as LUXOR Light carries the mission to awaken the Buddha within the ascension candidate.  Many participants of LUXOR Light awaken to the process of a highly charged kundalini bringing them to the point where they may attain full awakening and eventually to the Realised Self.  

ChristinA Ritchie 
Sacred Sound, Language of Light, 
Healing and Meditation Specialist

Founder and Principle and Guardian LUXOR Light 

ChristinA's path of Awakening came from a dedication of following her Truth and working from cellular memory of that which she has known in previous existences.  Her day of Awakening on 4 March 2004, the day after her 44th birthday began a process of commitment to assisting other to raise thier consciousness, and walking the path of the Bodhisattva; that is one who commits to serving to help others to Self Realisation.

You can find out more about ChristinA on her website or email her if you are interested in healing, workshops or public programs in your area of the world.  

ChristinA lives in Luxor, Egypt at the LUXOR Light Centre for Ascension  

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  1. Thank you so much ChristinA, that healing was an incredible experience!!! I've been a bit wiped out today and this seems to be clearing now thankfully. I'm allowing the energies to settle and contemplating what might come next.

    Gee there's so much to take in from your report.

    Deep gratitude and love to you.
    KJ. Victoria, Australia

  2. Hi, Thank you for my healing. Wow! It was powerful. I could feel you and I was not able to move. I was awake but unable to move. Different to any other healing.

    I'm so lucky to have you on my path, thank you and oh I loved the fact Anubis is there for me too, I've often felt the connection.

    Ali C.

  3. 24 hours ago I was in the most chronic physical pain, I do not want to ever repeat. You had started my distant healing and it knocked me out thank god. It took about 7 hours of on and off sleep and reading my healing report. I had been without any sleep for about 20 hours before that, in lots of pain, which was getting progressively worse with no relief from it. I was physically and emotionally shattered. Then, after I finally woke up at 9.30 in the morning having my last pain tablet at 5am (taking them every 4 hours that day and still looking for more), I did not need any and have not taken any since :)

    So, even though it is 2.50am here and I am awake, I have no pain and I am peaceful. My healing session is the reason for whatever was attacking me to clear so I can finish this. Only symptoms left is hands and feet pins and needles sensation (still slowing me down and making me aware of healing process has still some work for me to do, but I am smiling.) Thank you!

  4. Thank you for your wonderful insights, and generous sharing, and thank you for having the courage to keep your sharing of love for everyone. Not sure I am expressing myself well, but my support and feeling on receipt of your emails must be on a higher level, beyond my current understandings, which I feel, even if I don't fully understand it as you do, with your wonderful clarity.
    Shirley XX

  5. I just wanted to let you know Christina, that since you did the distant healing I keep feeling a hand on my back (over my liver area). It feels so real I have turned around a few times to see who's there. It's warm and tingly and feels very loving, it's a really strong feeling. I've been going through a cycle of eczema and I think my liver is working extra hard to process all the emotional and physical stuff. So many changes this year and so much death. Thank goodness for LUXOR Light xx
    Dec 2014

  6. The magnificent and peaceful (and funny at times) Ametron Truth healing you gave me today was beyond words to describe its powerful shifts that occurred during the healing - I lay down on your massage table as one person and got up as another. It felt like I was birthing another and more evolved version of Me. The experience was overwhelming in its peace, power, magnificence and evolution (as well as joyfulness and confidence I felt like a kid who has just been taken to Disneyworld there was Everything to do!). At times I felt like my body was covered by armour of light, and then the armour integrated to become part of me - and I felt invincible, safe and nothing could hurt me (this was the first time I ever felt completely safe and trusting to be in the world - and the Power of Being Safe was liberating - I feel that I can now do or tackle or face anything, no more combat or struggle or defensiveness. Then I felt like a Star Person walking down into a Pharaoh's body

  7. Mid-last year our son was diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. We've been trying everything since to no avail, until Christina started to doing distant energy healing and balancing on our son. The improvement was immediate and noticeable. His behaviour and concentration have improved, tantrums now are rare event and his school work goes really well. Thank you so much,Christina!
    Sem and Tat, WA Jan 2012

  8. While you were working on me, I felt Energy Centres in my brain opening up and activating - like I was being awakened in a way I had never known before. I will be interested to see how these openings / activation's play a new part in my life. At times it felt like pure and powerful light was streaming from my open mouth (light instead of sound / or as part of sound) - the sound streamed into the world / universe (it had a purpose, but I do not know what it is yet). The words 'I have arrived!' cycled in my head - and I felt solid and Welcomed and HERE. (for years I have felt that I was outstaying my welcome and not wanted to have around ? not had the Right to Be Here.) Tears filled my eyes at times during the healing, and then quickly left me with the feeling of Welcome and Peace and Presence ? I Am Here - and at last I am comfortable, confident and peaceful to be here.

  9. Hi Christina, Goodness, you are spot on about my health. Yes, I seem to feel very drained these last few months, especially lately and I do feel quite "spaced out" frequently and find it hard to focus or ground myself most of the time. Have been trying chakra clearing meditations and grounding crystals but still feeling very drained, spaced out and at my wits end trying to work out what my body needs to heal it. Thank you, I would really appreciate it if you would do the distant healing and soul energy report for me please.
    Yvonne, Qld Jan 2012

  10. From one of our LUXOR Light Practitioners......."I love where life has taken me and how I stumbled upon ChristinA and LUXOR Light during my Cert IV Studies to become a Bowen Therapist. When I received my first healing from ChristinA it was like "Holy Moly what the heck is this?" Then I received ongoing healings during my IVF journey as I struggled to deal with the fact that I didn't fell pregnant and then again when I experienced an ectopic pregnancy. Every time I received a healing it got easier to let go and surrender. Eventually I started to activate and had a massive out of body experience. I think that was the time I knew I had to learn eventually more. It still took another year and many meditation sessions until I did the leap of faith and joined a LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner training. From then on it was an amazing sometimes rocky journey that I would not have missed and would not want to give up for any money in the world!
    This is my LUXOR Light Healing Practitioner page. Please check it out and see what else you can find! I hope you will enjoy reading more about my journey!"…/la…/Martina%20Manners